TheGoodviv & Hana Lisa HaferKamp

#ihavemyshittogether is a collaborative project between TheGoodVIV and Hanna Lisa Haferkamp, a maker and business owner also based in Berlin.

Inspired by our joint love of plants, geometric designs and playfulness, we set out to create a line of accessories for women like us - women who try to balance being a kick-ass business owner with going to the movies with our best girlfriends, who feel like they have their shit together sometimes, but more often than not need a gentle reminder that they are actually doing awesome stuff, who appreciate good design and craftsmanship and playfulness combined with environmental awareness.

Hanna Lisa Haferkamp proposal1.jpg

Defining The Target Demographic

After an hour long conversation drilling Hanna Lisa on her ideal audience, what they are drawn to, the colors they prefer and how they identify, I provided an analysis that synthesized the information. This became a guide for her to use as bumper guards as she grows her brand and talks to her customers.


Design drafts

Working with Hanna Lisa is a wonderful collaborative endeavor. After presenting and discussing original sketches, I went back to the studio and cranked out the patterns to the right, Three of which went into final production. 


Draft 3 last page.jpg

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 4.26.07 PM.png

Printing Production

There is nothing better than putting designs into production. Hanna Lisa and I worked together closely with our fabric manufacturer ordering a dozen fabric swatches to decide on fabric quality and print perfection.

The final products can be found on her Instagram and of course in the online shop