Vivian Kvitka is a holistic branding designer based in Berlin Germany. She offers Graphic Design Services for local and international businesses. She focuses on small hand made businesses and businesses with heart. 

Galerie Hell

Galerie HELL director and curator, Alexis Knowlton booked The Public Launch Package and the Biz Swag Add on. Galerie HELL is a brand new art space in Berlin-Lichtenberg that will open it's doors in fall 2018. Alexis came to me with clear aesthetic ideas and reference points she wanted to include. Through deep conversation we developed a solid branding package for the space which embraces the duality of the Gallery's name and a snarky feminist attitude as a nod to the international female artists whose work will be presented there. 


The Logo

The Gallery’s name HELL represents both the german word for light and the english word for eternal damnation and darkness. The name is a play between two cultures and is able to be both light hearted and cynical. Hell is never ending, it bares resemblance to yin and yang and can be represented by polarizing contrasts, light and shadow, black and white, soft and hard, polished and gritty.


Business cards

The logo was designed to lend itself well to 90° corners as flyers and banners will be its most prevalent use case. Above the logo we chose a quote from Sartre's 'No Exit', "Human feeling. That's beyond my range. I'm rotten to the core." The quote is a conversation starter and a bold statement about the space. 

“My biggest fear before working with Vivian was that she would do something I could have done by myself,  since I am an artist,  and then charge me a lot of money for it.  I found out that Vivian’s computer chops, professional guidance and design knowledge were something I don’t have and well worth her very reasonable fee.”
— Alexis Knowlton, Director of Galerie HELL
Splashpage Wireframe with Error Messagepng-01.jpg

The splash page from hell

Alexis asked me to take risks with the splash page and make it unforgettable. Combining gold glitter texture, gradients, patterns and undulating line spacing the splash page is both totally daring and totally digestible. Together we developed the background pattern which we have discussed turning into bathroom wallpaper for the space(!!).

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