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grey paris

Grey Paris booked me for the Public Launch Package with a custom add on. Grey paris is a Berlin based Electronic-Acoustic band whose process of making music stems from a semi surreal landscape which translates into music that is part melody and part social experiment. Together we defined the band’s visual language, developed a logo, and crafted the artwork for their first Ep ‘now is the moment.’

Grey Paris Final Logo 1280-01.jpg

Band Logo

The band's logo was crafted from a deep understanding of the 'how' and 'why' of their music. The band clicks back and forth between emotional cinematic melodies and harsh electronic sounds. I knew the logo needed to reflect the experimental nature of their process and allowed the logo development process to mimic that.

grey paris Square Cover_SoundCloud.jpg

EP cover- "now is the moment"

The task was to not only create a cover image but to find a cost efficient solution for printing and packaging. The CD package is made from a single A4 sheet of paper that when completely unfolded becomes a poster  for post cd-burning pleasure. The graphics reflect the collage-like process that Arian Stechert, the drummer and electronic composer of grey paris, uses when creating the band's digital soundscapes.

 "[Our favorite part was] definitely drinking coffee with you and discussing about how the band works or behaves, but also having the first collection of ideas and being able to comment and express a desired direction. By asking the right questions, you got a round image about the project and summed it up perfectly in the written analysis. It's great to be treated so professionally." – grey paris

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Meet the Client: grey paris

grey paris trio

grey paris, founded by Arian Stechert and Yiorgos Parisis in 2016, quickly developed a signature sound and an experimental sense of collaboration. Similar to the sensation of missing a step when walking down a staircase, grey paris creates a sonic system that the listener becomes entranced by, but just as quickly, they remove that system and replace it with something entirely unexpected. Purchase their album 'now is the moment' on Amazon Music or listen now on Spotify