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Vivian Kvitka is a holistic branding designer based in Berlin Germany. She offers Graphic Design Services for local and international businesses. She focuses on small hand made businesses and businesses with heart. 

making stories

Making Stories purchased The Public Launch Package With a Custom Add On  back in November 2016, for their sustainable-minded female-focused knitting book turned knitwear publishing house. The main objective was to design the layout for their first book WOODS (which is released this November!) but before we could get there, we had to clarify who they were and what that meant. 


Brand Analysis Write up; An Excerpt 

"Target Demographic: Who is the reader?
The reader is a moderate to advanced knitter who lives in Europe. She is interested in sustainability at the smallest scale. She makes decisions based on locality, and quality. She sees value in design and the effort of developing a pattern. She is active in the communities she joins and likes to interact with others through
social networks..."


Brand Style Guide

Designing a Style Guide for Making Stories required the melding of two fairly different aesthetics and after two rounds of feed back everyone was thrilled.  The Mood board included the kinds of images I knew they would need to shoot for the book down the line. I kept the imagery relevant and the textures varied enough to stay fresh. 

Style Guide page 1.jpg

The Logo

Because Making Stories needed a logo not just for their first book and not just for their newly founded publishing company, they needed a logo that could transform for each book they publish in this series. With several rounds of feedback and we achieved a logo that is both uniquely theirs, flexible and familiar in a comforting way. 


Crowdfunding Swag

To Fund the publication of their first book WOODS, the Co-founders headed to Indiegogo where they not only met but surpassed their goal of 30K. With any crowdfunding campaign, branded swag is a must. Together we designed a post card, a business card, a tote bag and a set of stickers.


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