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Vivian Kvitka is a holistic branding designer based in Berlin Germany. She offers Graphic Design Services for local and international businesses. She focuses on small hand made businesses and businesses with heart. 

roots studio

Roots Studio booked me for the The Public Launch Package, the Biz Swag Manufacturing Add on, and the Social Media Power Assets Add on.  Roots Studio is a non-profit arts initiative based in Boston Massachusetts that brings economic opportunity to artists living in remote, impoverished locations around the world. Together with the Co-founders and their developers we launched a complete branding update including a new logo, two rounds of products, a social media campaign, and a new website. 


Logo Design + the importance of Holistic Branding

Roots Studio doesn't have any direct competitors which is a blessing and a curse. Without competition the business concept required more explanation, the brand is modern and sophisticated and not merely bohemian; protecting the cultural traditions and not overstepping into cultural appropriation was a constant conversation. There is so much variety in the artwork that Roots Studio sources that creating a consistent branding was especially important. We created a frame where the patterns and artwork could fluctuate, while the hard lines of the modern logo and compositions remained constant. 


Branded Merchandise

Roots Studio Partnered with VIDA a print on demand textiles company and requested that I work with their original artwork to create repeating patterns that were printed on to a cotton scarves and sold through the VIDA and Roots Studio online shops.

Vivian is as creative, passionate, and imaginative as she is grounded and practical. She is as strategic and artistic, as she is rolling up her sleeves and getting things done. The distance was hardly an issue and over time Vivian was indispensable on the team. Despite being across different continents, Vivian was closely embarking on this year long journey with us.
— -Rebecca Hui, Roots Studio Co-founder

Newsletter Design

The Newsletter needed to make a big splash for the launch of the online shop, as an homage to the digital process of scanning original art works made from paint and paper and digitally delivering them to western markets, I designed the newsletter to mimic a paper envelope arriving digitally into your mailbox. The template was flexible enough to be used again and again and contain new types of content each time. 

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Meet the Client: Roots Studio


Roots Studio CEO Rebecca Hui founded the company in 2014 shortly before beginning a research fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The project has been featured by #girlboss foundation, Refinery29 and echoinggreen.