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Vivian Kvitka is a holistic branding designer based in Berlin Germany. She offers Graphic Design Services for local and international businesses. She focuses on small hand made businesses and businesses with heart. 

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I help small creative companies and fresh projects like yours, become fully realized brands by identifying who you already are and what design work you really need.  Whether you’re saving the planet or selling a product, communicating your work to the world is a precious and complicated thing. Through a holistic research based design process, together we will create the visual and conceptual framework of your brand.

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You get to pick and choose from a series of three main packages that I've put together based on what I know many small creative brands need. Every package starts with a holistic research based design process that involves an in-depth conversation about your business and results in a Brand Analysis write up. Depending on your needs, we can develop a Design style guide to direct every following design choice, a brand new (or newly updated) shiny logo, a massive stack of business cards, your new album cover, or the layout for your book. What we can design together is limited only to our ability to dream.  Click for full details on the various packages.

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Holistic Branding is the philosophy that a brand should consistently represent itself to the public in every facet, or “touch point” with which the customer interacts. This means that beyond your logo and website your brand should be recognized instantly between your newsletter and your mailing envelopes. It takes a whole lot of effort to be consistent when you haven't defined, what your brand looks like, and how it behaves. After we nail this down you can use these decisions again and again - it will help you with everything from adding a new product to expanding your marketing strategy on a new platform.


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So much fun and so dang organized. I'll guide you through every step and make sure we are on the same wave length all the way through. I treat my clients like I treat friends, with kindness, honesty, enthusiasm and flexibility. 

Vivian is professional, creative and on top of projects. She makes working together simple and fun. Her creativity is contagious! -Allie Tate , Marketing Manager Spoonflower Berlin

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I get asked this all the time, and I totally understand why. Logos come to represent the essence of a brand. When you think of Nike you think of their logo, but you also think about what that logo represents, which is reinforced over and over again, not by the shape of the icon itself, but by every tough looking model and every TV ad, Nike developed. A logo needs context and loads of evidence before we see the logo as inseparable from the product.  So to answer the question, yeah, you can have just a logo, but it won’t hold meaning until you know the ethos of your brand and personality of your target demographic, and no it's not something I offer.