The Good Start Package


A.K.A. The Logo Package

REady, set, GO!

So, you've come up with a business idea you're really excited about and are ready to dive in and give this small business thing a shot. That's super exciting and I can't wait to help you! You know that getting your ducks in a row for the start of this adventure means fully understanding what you're offering and then putting together your public face. Right now you need an excellent logo that clarifies what you have to offer but is flexible enough that it can grow with you while you pitch your idea to your people. Did I read your mind? Super, read on! (...not so much? check out my other packages)

What Is included

  • Brand Analysis
  • Logo Design which includes 
    • 1 Moodboard
    • 2 Feedback rounds
    • Files types included, .eps, Favicon, Social Sharing image, Instagram Profile, Facebook Profile, Standard 960x560 web. 

Brand Analysis 

The Brand Analysis is a page long write up detailing your concept, your essence and ethos, who your customer is and where you exist within your industry. It clarifies communication not only between the two of us but to your future customer, your mom, and your investor. You'll receive a handover meeting where I'll further explain my thought process and we can dive deeper with your feedback of the Analysis.

“Having someone look at your business from the outside, ask you lots and lots of very good (and sometimes painful) questions and then discover facets of your business you’ve never been able to voice or pinpoint with words is incredible.” –Hanna Lisa Haferkamp, Co-founder Making Stories

Logo Design 

Your logo will be based heavily on research of your industry and target demographic, and your brand analysis. When your logo is standing alone without other branding assets, it is especially important that it is emotional, intelligent and clever design. The results are always one of a kind and are extrapolated directly from our conversation and two-three rounds of feedback depending on necessity. Six standard file types included (additional file types and sizes available for additional fee)

What It costs

The Good Start Package: 
€ 500.00
Additional file types: 
€ 15.00 each
Additional Logo Feedback Rounds:
Start at € 50.00


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